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Explore Røros

Desember to april

Duration: 5 days

Proficiency level


(suitable for all with a hint of hiking experience)

Price: 16900 NOK per person

Join us on an unforgettable journey through Røros, where history meets nature and adventure awaits at every turn. It all starts with a comfortable night in a historic hotel. Then, our unique guided tour takes you through snow-covered landscapes on skis, traditional Sámi cultural encounters, cozy tent stays, sleeping amongst the reindeers in a Sami gamme, fantastic local food, ice fishing, and return by dog sledding. Afterward, you can relax at the hotel spa before a three-course dinner. Discover the heart of Røros with us, where each moment is filled with wonder and discovery. Traverse pristine snowscapes, immerse yourself in vibrant Sámi traditions, and relax in historic accommodations steeped in centuries of heritage.

Day 1: Arrival in Røros, check-in at Røros Hotel.

Day 2: Skiing with a sled to the reindeer where we'll eat and sleep in a traditional Sami hut.

Day 3: Continuing skiing to set up camp, ice fishing, and sleeping in tents.

Day 4: Return to Røros by dog sled, checking in at Bergstaden Hotel. Free access to the hotel's spa before a three-course farewell dinner.

Day 5: Check-out.


All mentioned activities are included in the price:

  • Two nights at hotels

  • Free accsess to hotel spa area

  • Loan of all equipment (not clothes)

  • Three-course farewell dinner at a restaurant

  • All meals during the ski tour

  • Overnight stay in a gamme

  • Dog sledding

Not included:

  • Transport to and from Røros

  • Travel insurance

  • Meals before and after the ski trip (except for dinner on the last evening)


Unveil the magic of Røros and create memories to last a lifetime.

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See you out there

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