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Båt på Still Water

Sunset catch

May to October

Duration: 4 days

Proficiency level


(suitable for all with a hint of hiking experience)

Price: from 5990,- NOK per person


Gather your friends, a fishing rod, and witness the enchanting late sunset over a tranquil Norwegian lake – what better way to spend a summer evening in the majestic mountains? Four nights immersed in this serene setting will gift you with memories that will last a lifetime.

While we can't guarantee perfect weather, we promise excitement and the opportunity to reel in a big trout, all amidst the breathtaking surroundings of this sparsely populated area. Our adventure begins with a hike, carrying all necessary gear in our backpacks, as we set up camp by the lakeside and prepare to catch our dinner.

With hundreds of lakes to explore, we'll move from one picturesque spot to another, choosing our camping sites based on where the fish are biting. Here, amidst the absence of phone service, the soothing sounds of nature will envelop us, and the sensation of being at one with the wilderness will slowly but surely envelop you.

Bilde 09.08_edited.jpg

Included in the package are all meals, even if the fish aren't biting, fishing licenses, tents, sleeping bags, and other essential equipment, along with transportation from Grong/Majavatn.

Not included:

  • Transport to and from Trondheim

  • Travel insurance

  • Meals before and after the hike 


Experience the thrill of catching your own fish in the clear waters of Nord-Trøndelag and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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See you out there

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